Teacher Trainings are organized by Level. Within each level, students develop precise natural alignment, strength, flexibility, endurance and an ability to sustain a longer more rhythmic breathing practice. 150 hours of training are required for the Basics level, which can be split into time frames, such as weekends or longer segments, depending on the availability of the trainer and needs of the organizer. A one week certification final conducted by a senior-level teacher trainer concludes the Teacher Training. Upon successful completion of the Teacher Training Basics level, a student is qualified to teach TriYoga Basics level.


The first level TriYoga Basics includes the following key focus areas:

  • TriYoga Class Sequence
  • Overview of a Daily Practice


Posture Directory:

  • 108 Postures, 16 Turns, 5 Breathing Practices, 20 Mudras
  • Basics


Series 1 to 5:

  • 108 Postures Systematized
  • Natural Alignement Education
  • Use of Props (cushions, blocks, etc.)


Daily 3 ~ Daily 5 (derived from Series 1 to 5):

  • Ten Daily 3 Sequences and Three Daily 5 Sequences
  • Fundamentals in Anatomy for yoga instructors


Yoga Nidra:

  • Deep Relaxation


Prana Vidya:

  • Rhythmic Breathing, Concentration, Meditation



  • Knowledge on Yoga, Practice, and Teaching