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My journey towards a yogic life was not an obvious path from the beginning. I was born into a family that was neither spiritual, nor religious. I don’t recall ever asking myself the yogic question of, “who am I?”. However, from an early age, my inner spirit and physical body desired movement.

From childhood to university, my explorations of sports, such as handball, provided physical movement, while my academic studies opened the doors to travel and culture. I became a lecturer on German language and literature at universities in Italy, where dance discovered me, and I discovered dance. From there, dance lead me to performing dance theater in Japan and Australia.

My introduction to yoga was through friends, who encouraged me to explore this topic. Although, I was not particularly inspired by yoga photos or descriptions, I began, with some reservation, a class in Prana Yoga (a combination of Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique), followed by Meridian Hatha Yoga.

True inspiration found me in December 1999, in Santa Cruz, California, where I met Kaliji at her TriYoga Center. I remember our first meeting with the clarity of vision, as if it happened just yesterday. I could not believe my eyes. There, before me, an ethereal fairy floated with lightness, grace and harmony, through a flowing yoga practice.; an experience that words fail to describe justly. My heart was opened; both my spirit and body surrendered to the flow. I did not notice the passing of time. I only knew that I should continue, and meet with Kaliji. I was fortunate to schedule a private meeting the following day.

I had no idea what I was about to experience. We looked into each other’s eyes, talking, laughing, and sometimes in silent gaze. Her eyes changed colors, from night-black to cat green. Her beautiful hands were in constant flowing motion, in a dance, from one gesture to the next. How was this possible? My fingers attempted to join the dance in unimaginable gestures, perhaps not so elegant, but there was an undeniable flow and expression. I had met a goddess of dream-like proportions, except, present and living in western culture. Kaliji created a systematic yogic method, originating from the ancient yoga of awakening the universal energy. Kaliji brings this ancient inspiration to the 21st century with precision, elegance, and efficiency of motion. Her teachings are of ageless wisdom and sustenance of the universal energy through mastery of the yoga flow.

TriYoga has become my life’s work. Full immersion in TriYoga allowed me to become a certified Level 3 Teacher and Teacher Trainer, establish and teach TriYoga classes at a studio in Berlin, write news articles and feature interviews with Kaliji, provide instruction assistance and language translations in French, Italian and German for Kaliji, during her workshops throughout Europe.

Today, I continue to share the TriYoga practice with students, teaching throughout Europe and Asia, especially Japan, China and India. My frequent travel with Kaliji keeps my practice and teaching refreshed with her latest yoga flows and new ideas that I, in turn, share with students. I have been most fortunate to meet curious and courageous people, who invite me to teach workshops and Teacher Trainings and help spread TriYoga teaching all over the world. Special thanks to all of you! My journey and our journey together continues, expanding beyond our perceived limits, embracing flowing movement, and spiritual growth, through TriYoga practice, created and generously shared by Kaliji (Kali Ray TriYoga).

I look forward to meeting you, for the first time, and then again and again, in practice of TriYoga.

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Jan. 21.-22. Teacher Training Level 1 (online)
Tamisa Yoga Studio, Kyoto, Japan

Feb. 11.-12. Teacher Training Level 1 (online)
Tamisa Yoga Studio, Kyoto, Japan

March 18.-19. Teacher Training Level 1 (online)
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April 3.-5., certification Teacher Training Level 1
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April 14.-17. certification Teacher Training Level 1 (online)
Tamisa Yoga Studio, Kyoto, Japan

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May 8.-13. certification Basics
TriYoga Studio Bad Tölz, Germany